Our cattery, belonging to FIFe federation, was founded in 1998. On this website you will have a chance to see our British cats in various colors.

We were first in Poland to import British silvertabby cat with green eyes - Barfly de Broeckloni*NL, who has till now obtained highest FIFe champion titles - European Champion and European Premior, as well as Distinguished Show Merit honorary title and World Show final nomination.

Since then, our hearts have fallen for British cream, red and torties - specific mix of base blue, chocolate or black color with cream and red. Currently we have six such cats (all females), including two from our own breeding. Also they won high show merits including Junior Winner honorary titles. All those titles and achievements do not prevent us, however, from treating our cats as equal members of the family. We do hope they treat us the same way.

Kittens born in our cattery are brought up accompanied by other cats and people. When they go to new homes, they are fully socialized - ready to give their new owners happiness. Happiness of living next to purring, plushy teddybear.

Warm welcome!

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